Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Summing up 20 month practical life

Wow I can't believe another month has gone by. This is my last 20 month post so I'll do a brief summing up of where L is at with practical life activities.
We didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped but we are making progress in a lot of areas.
  • Potty training-accomplished. I'd say she's fully potty trained(except when sleeping). She'll only have the occasional accident now if she's really excited or distracted
  • Pulling her own pants down. Depending on what she's wearing. Sometimes she'll go to the bathroom and I won't even know until she comes to me when she's done. She still needs help pulling them up and washing hands etc. Today she'd even emptied her own potty before I got there. YIKES!
  • Getting dressed and undressed. Well she's tried a few times to put her top and pants on but is not really interested. She's able to take all of the bottoms off and sometimes her top with help. She can take her shoes off but is not interested in putting them on at the moment.
  • Sets table no problem but doesn't like to clear it any more hmmmm... we usually clear most and get her to take one thing. Also doesn't like to wipe it any more. Only occasionally, also needs to be reminded to push her chair in most of the time.
  • Still puts clean dishes etc. away
  • Victory on the water department. No more messing about. Pours and drinks water with no problems
  • Helps with putting shopping away, laundry, watering, weeding, putting dirty clothes in basket, rubbish in the bin

Now for goals I set last month:

  • L has no interest in helping to fold the clothes or put them away will try again this month
  • Only has a small interest in dressing herself
  • She's also done some dusting as I've put in a previous post

We also got around to washing the windows. She loved this of course, although because she needs two hands to use the spray bottle her aim is a little off most of the time. I'm just using water until she has more control in case she sprays herself in the eye!

Lots of helping with the baking. I decided to use L's little table for all of her food preparation because I think it's a lot safer than her standing on a chair. I just get everything I need prepared ahead of time now and then just put them out as she needs them. The other night she made pita pizzas for the whole family!

To be honest I haven't even thought of goals for next month yet! I guess we'll just keep on with the clothes thing and I'll try and include her more in food preparation. I would really appreciate any suggestions for other practical life activities anyone has done with their children at this age. It's definitely more work getting L to do all of these things for herself and takes a lot of patience but when I see her getting out her own things for her meal all by herself it certainly makes it all worth while! : )


Karen said...

Awesome!! I gave you an award on blog!! Because I love yours.!!

Thanks for share


My Child's Diary said...

It looks like you've been busy!...:)
What happened at the water department? Did she just lose interest in water messing? This is one of my son's favorites. I am just waiting with all the pouring activities until he is over this stage. For now, he loves to pour water for himself, but sometimes he just continues pouring or just pour, without drinking afterward.
Thanks for sharing, Miri

Pink & Green Mama said...

Wow!! She's doing great and I'm really enjoying your blog. I've been wanting to set up a water pouring/drink tray for mini-saurus and I think after reading your post she would really enjoy it!

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