Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dad's Night Out

While I have been basically useless these past couple of weeks(other than telling people what to do ;) my husband and mom have had to look after L. Thankfully our new community has this great programme called Dad's Night Out! Every Tuesday night they have a free activity for dads and little ones to attend.
The first one L and Daddy went to was at the library where the librarian read them some books on monsters and then they made their own masks. When they got home L ran into the house and scared me with her mask.

This last Tuesday they made these neat tennis rackets and ball which was very timely since we've been watching the Australian Open religiously. Such a simple idea of putting knee high tights over a bent coat hanger and then taping the end. The dads put the balloon inside a stocking and then blew it up. They then set up a net between two chairs and the kids had a fantastic time running around trying to play tennis. They ended the night with yummy fruit smoothies.

Next week is free skating at the local skating rink. It's a win win situation as L and Daddy get to spend time together doing things they'd never usually do and I get a break! We are truly lucky to have moved to a community with so many wonderful free services for parents and children.


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Very cool. Sounds like a great community. We are watching the open right now too - its an advert so Im just checking emails and shutting down computer. Opps - better go, mens final just came back on! (:

T.J. said...

What an awesome community to live in! I think it's especially nifty that the program is geared for Daddys as there are bunches of Mommy programs, but so few Dad stuff.

I totally made a note of how to make that tennis activity- very fun!

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