Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sreken Bozik!

Happy Macedonian Christmas! L's Daddy is Macedonian so last night we celebrated Macedonian Christmas eve.

This is a picture of Matka, a beautiful place very close to Skopje, Macedonia

To celebrate here in Canada we played our instruments along with some Macedonian music and then picked up the pace with some Macedonian dancing.

My husband made some special dishes.

Here is our table. On the left is tafche grafche which literally means beans in a dish and on the right is sarma which is rice, walnuts and a few other things wrapped in vine leaves. Yum!
It is also tradition to make a special bread with a coin in it. The bread is divided into pieces for every family member and one for God and the house. The person who has the coin is supposed to have good luck for the year to come.

This year my mom got it and she was really excited!!


Leptir said...

Hi! Here, in Croatia, we have the same dishes you mentioned in your post. Besides bread with coin.
We eat sarma on New Year eve, and somtimes grafče na tavče. On Christmas eve we eat purica s mlincima ( )

Anne said...

Oh, how cool! Thanks for sharing your tradition!

Leptir said...

You're welcome :-)

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