Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Needle Felting

Okay for those of you who are interested this is all I know about needle felting :)

The first needle felting creations I saw were on Mari-Ann's blog and I instantly fell in love. I then Googled needle felting and decided I really wanted to try it. Here is a totally amazing site.

I went to my local wool shop and they had needle felting kits that contained wool, needles and instructions on how to make a gnome. I just followed the step by step instructions and in about an hour and a half had myself a gnome that looked very similar to the picture. It was easy! I then looked on the Internet for more inspiration and stayed up half the night to make my first lady on our nature table. I just winged it.

The next day I started on the monkey. I looked at this raccoon tutorial to help me along. I've basically just made all the others up as I went along. The final products look intimidating but it's really not that hard once you start. Just pushing the needle into the wool and sculpting your figure. It's also really forgiving. My advice would be just go to the wool store get some wool and needles or a kit and give it a go!
WARNING: Needle felting is very addictive!!

Here is another great web page with some wonderful tutorials. Even one on how to make a toadstool house!! That's going to be my next project once I get the wool.

Here is my latest project. A little fairy who decided to grace us with her presence.

So that's about it. I've only been doing it for less than a month have just learned by the Internet and trial and error. Go for it!!
Thanks also to everyone for the good wishes. Still not sure what is going on but actually managed to do first sound sorts with L today from the couch!


Anne said...

That fairy is lovely! I'm inspired to give needle felting a try. I sort of believe you that it's not that hard! Hope you're feeling better, too!!! :)

Evelyn / 2 Pequenos Traviesos said...

Thank you for inspiring me! I too want to learn to needle felt. I'll be checking out each and every one of your posts on this.
big hugs and blessings,

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