Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Fun!

Here is a picture of our Easter nature table. The rabbit and sheep on the left are my creations and the eggs were a family effort. I'm not sure if you can see but Daddy seemed to be into a tropical theme. He painted a toucan on one and an Easter bunny in a Hawaiian shirt on the other.

We hard boiled most of the eggs but after reading the tutorial over at the Magic Onions we tried blowing a few. This was hilarious as my husband doing a typical man thing just kept blowing as hard as he could to get the yolk out. He seriously blew a gasket and had a sore neck after. Men!!!

L took great pleasure in painting her eggs.
Something else we did was make these egg like decorations out of tissue paper and glue/water. I blew up a small balloon and L and I used paint brushes to put on the bits of tissue paper we'd ripped up. I was surprised at how well L did with this. I tried to make mine all flat and perfect while hers was all bunched up and blended together. Once they dried and I took out the balloon hers was soooo much nicer than mine. The texture was amazing and the colors were all blended together.
Here is a picture of one I made using L's technique : )
We had tons of fun making these yummy gingerbread cookies!

The Easter tradition in our house is that we decorate all the eggs and then on Easter night the cheeky Easter bunny comes and hides them all. L has to go and find them in the morning. Not one mention of chocolate or candy. We also have some lovely decorated cardboard eggs from England which are larger. This year the sheep and a little lamb will be hidden in them for L. Granny also bought her some small gardening tools to help in the garden.
Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!



lots of beauty and fun! have a great weekend.

Leptir said...

I wish happy Easter to you and to your lovely family!

Fiona said...

what fab ideas! I want to do a nature table but don't have room lol.

erin w. said...
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erin said...

How fun, those gingerbread cookies look delicious.

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