Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Montessori Blogs

So has posted a list of 50 must read Montessori blogs. I have to say that this makes me happy for numerous reasons. First of all I'm all for anything that spreads the word about Montessori education and philosophy. My dream would be for Montessori to be mainstream practice and available to every child. Secondly I don't know much about Onlinedegress but they deemed the topic of Montessori education important enough to make a list of (in their opinion) 50 must read blogs. And thirdly there are at least 50 Montessori blogs out there that anyone can access to learn more about the Montessori method! Yippee!

As for my blog being on there I feel like a bit of a fraud just because my blog has the word Montessori in it. I'm just like it says a Beginner at all of this and get most of my ideas from other people. That being said I feel there were a lot of blogs that are my "go to" Montessori blogs which are not on that list which really should be. Anyone who hasn't checked these out really should.

The Adventures of Bear-she constantly astounds me with her amazingly creative activities and I always want to try them with L.
Mi Escuelita Montessori-Karen's blog is so colorful, happy, positive and not to mention she comes up with so many great activities.
Leptir-this blog is written by an actual Montessori teacher in a classroom who posts about the activities she presents to her class. She is so original and creative.
A Montessori Musing Place-written by another Montessori teacher with years of experience and knowledge. She covers many topics very relevant to parents and has also started another fantastic blog The Montessori Child at Home which features some of her students and how their parents have encorporated Montessori aspects into their home environment.
Montessori Matters-this is the one blog that I specifically look to for new posts when I go on the computer. A Montessori teacher in the trenches telling it like it is. I love her insightful, sometimes cheeky and brave posts.


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on the list, and the extra links as well. And I am glad that Onlinedegrees listed your blog among the others. It is nice to be able to learn along with other beginners. It makes getting started less overwhelming, y'know?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that description of my blog, you made my day!!! You very much deserve to be on that list, since it takes a brave and dedicated parent to commit to a true Montessori lifestyle. Parents like you are the ones who keep teachers like me from jumping ship. Keep up the great posts and awesome dedication!

Leptir said...

Thanks so much for adding me on your list. It's an honor for me because your ideas are always inspiring and interesting.

PS Check out link to my blog in your post (word Leptir) - I think it is opening Montessori Matters blog.

hugs & kisses

The girl who painted trees said...

Thank you so much for adding my blog to your list! Your blog is fantastic and totally deserved to be on the Online degrees list.

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