Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Guilty pleasures

Well as you may know L hasn't taken a nap during the day in over a year. The problem is by around 4:00 we are both totally wiped and L's concentration is nil. It's a bit better now that the weather is good and we can just spend time outside but on the other days we sometimes peruse Youtube.
Here are some of our guilty pleasures
The Iguana Song-I dare you to watch this and not have it going through your head for the rest of the day. This little guy's got swag! We also love the Rhino Song.

The Elephant Song-this song is so totally cute and funny. Eric Herman rocks!

The Sound of Music-this is my all time favorite movie and I figured it was time to introduce L to the brilliance that is Julie Andrews. I make popcorn and we have a movie night/afternoon. We mostly skip to the singing bits and she pretty much knows all the songs. Today we were at the park and she was rolling down a big grass covered hill. She stood up put, her hands out spinning in a circle and sang "the hills are alive with the sound of music" Ahh what a proud moment for me and I have to admit I got a little tear in my eye.
What are some of your "guilty pleasures" with your kids?

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Mari-Ann said...

Oh bless L's heart for twirling around. I LOVE the Sound of Music!! I went on the movie tour while I was in Austria a few years ago and I sing Edelweiss to James every night before bed.
I think my guilty pleasure with James would be old school Sesame Street episodes. They released box sets of the early years, which we watch, but there's also loads of old skits to be found on YouTube. Brings back memories for me and I get a kick out of seeing James smile and sing those old tunes.

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