Sunday, 18 April 2010

Montessori Monday

This week we've had some blasts from the past. I made this felt dressing doll for L when she was 19 months. We brought it out again and it's interesting for me to see the difference now in how she works with this activity. Instead of just trying to put the clothes on the doll she makes up different scenarios and picks the outfit to fit the outing. Too cute! I'm thinking of making some more outfits for her so the poor dressing doll can go more places!

Tracing shapes. I cut out some shapes from some old margarine container lids for L to trace. This was her first time tracing like this and she enjoyed it. Once she tires of tracing with the pencil crayons we'll trace with our fingers and count the sides. Then I'm hoping to eventually get her to recognize the shape by feel only.

Another oldie but goodie I brought back is the mystery bag. This time I put in different items we found on our nature walks. At first L just brought out the items and named them.

I then introduced the blindfold for the first time. L picked something from the bag and had to guess what it was. This was funny as she wanted to lift the blindfold as soon as she took the item out of the bag. She had no problem guessing the items because they are all so different. I wouldn't say L loved the blindfold idea but she did it. I'll keep introducing it slowly.



I can always count on you for cool ideas! Thank you!

Mommy Moment said...

What a great activity. I am waiting to get my "brown Bear, Brown Bear felt set in the mail!
I made our girls a snow man felt set a Christmas and they sung a little rhyme to it!
I love your blog!

Are you enjoying being back in Canada? Is your husband adjusting to it?

Jody from Mommy Moment


Hi! So when are you going to debut your star lantern collection?? Can't wait to see!

Mari-Ann said...

Love your felt dolls! I haven't tried the mystery bag with James yet - thanks for the reminder!

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