Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Airplane spotting, practical life and rhythmic gymnastics?

Today L was particularly interested in helping around the house and outside. I think it was in part because her dad was home this morning and she loves to copy "help" him. First they did some sweeping together and then they watered the flowers. It was great to see them working together and it's also good for her to get a break from me. Lately she has gotten out her broom, dust pan and brush quite a bit. Although she loves to sweep she hasn't really grasped the concept yet. I'm happy that she is showing an interest though.

Another thing that we love to do several times a week is get out the instruments and play and dance. Each time I put on different types of music from around the world and we get our "groove" on. The other day we were listening to Capriccio espagnol by Rimsky-Korsakov. We'd abandoned the instruments and were into full on dancing when I had a flash back from my childhood of waving a stick around with a long ribbon attached. So two minutes later L and I both had our sticks with ribbons attached waving them around vigorously to the music. Thankfully no pictures as I was too busy dancing!
Since going on holiday to visit my husband's family in Macedonia about a month ago L has been obsessed with airplanes. I'd never realised just how many of them flew over our house until I had them all pointed out to me with great enthusiasm. I'd been toying with the idea of her being able to keep track of the number of planes she saw each day and finally came up with this.
First we painted the sky with a sponge and some really watered down acrylic paint. Then we glued on some cotton baton clouds.
I found a picture of an airplane from the Internet and copied it 12 times. Then glued them to some cardboard cut them out and taped them onto her magnetic letters that she's not using. Now every time she sees an airplane either out the back window or in the back garden she goes to the fridge and puts one on. My intention was to count them all up at the end of the day but we haven't gotten around to that bit yet.


Dahlyrawmama said...

That is so awesome! (the plane counting) You told mea bout it but now seeing it in action is even more impressive. BTW, my blog is not in your blog list anymore and I'm going to cry... hee hee

Anne said...

I love your blog! All the activities you do with your daughter are great - thanks for sharing! :) I really

Liz said...

:D My Lina is also endlessly fascinated by airplanes. We're apparently right below several major air routes both to our airport and cross country.

Going to try out your airplane counting idea, but I suspect she'll eat the paper, throw them on the floor, or ignore the whole thing. Sigh... Maybe if I show her the picture of your Lina? :D

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