Thursday, 11 June 2009

Buzy Bees

Well I'm sure I'll slow down a bit once I've been doing this a while but at the moment I'm still gung ho! We've been doing activities galore at the moment. It helps that the weather hasn't been that great so we've been spending more time indoors.

The other day I made up the shape puzzles which are also from Maja Pitamic's book. She has a template at the back of the book that you can copy and then I just traced them onto some cardboard and cut out the shapes. L seems to like them. At first I just started with the circles which she found quite easy and then the squares. After she'd finished those I put them out together. She did a few but then lost interest. Today I added the triangles which are quite challenging. I think this will be a good long term activity.

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gospodja Tralalalinski said...

Thanks for this great idea. My son is 18 months now, and I'm always looking for Montessori based activities that he would like. He loves shapes and puzzles, so this was a hit with him. I did puzzles on my own, you can see them here
Sorry, no English text, I blog in Serbian, cause I'm from Montenegro.
Greetings from Ana and M

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