Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Thanks everyone for leaving such great comments! Hopefully I've fixed the settings so there won't be any more problems. Like I've said in my profile I'm just "beginning" with all of this so any comments, advice, suggestions etc. are greatly appreciated. Now I just have to get my husband to understand that Blogging is very important and yes I do have to spend this much time on the computer!! ;)


Anne said...

Ha, ha! My husband has a love/hate relationship with the "blogworld," too. We both get so many good ideas from blogs, but sometimes it takes me FOREVER to figure out how to get mine just the way I want it.

My Boys' Teacher said...


I just added you to the Ultimate Montessori Blog list over at my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to find you! I've also added you to my reader and have read the blog from the beginning. Thanks for joining us here in Montessori Blog World and I'm looking forward to future posts.

gill said...

Will be so happy if this finally works. Have trid so many times. Love all the info.

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