Sunday, 14 March 2010

Making butterflies with a friend

Last weekend L's friend Aa girl and her mom stayed with us. They had such a great time and basically did non-stop activities together the whole weekend. One of the favorites were these coffee filter butterflies.
First color the filter with felt tip markers.

Then spray with water and watch the colors blend together. This is by far the best bit!

Leave them to dry and then twist a pipe cleaner around the middle.
Pretty little butterflies for spring!


Mommy Moment said...

We made these today too.
We made them to send to the sisters of the little Layla Grace that passed away this week.
It was a fun activity. I had never seen it posted about (till now).
Hope you are doing well!


very sweet. i'd like to make a mobile of these!

Carine said...

So beautiful! I keep the idea in my head for spring art!

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