Sunday, 14 March 2010

Montessori Monday

Last week we did more language activities. This is a picture of a rhyming activity we did. For example I would ask L if she could find the item that rhymed with "moon". This is the first time we have done an actual rhyming activity. I've said before oh cat rhymes with hat and then kept saying more words but she has never really participated. She did get this but is not 100% on it. It may have just been the time of day when we did it. Will have to try it again this week.

We also did an activity with objects on this tray like hen, dog, bed, hat and pig. I said to L I'm thinking of something on this tray and then wrote it down. I gave her the piece of paper and asked her if she could figure out what object I was thinking of. She sounded out the letters and I then I said them a bit closer together. She got most of them and we'll be doing a lot more of this.

L found this little tape measure my mom got from a material shop. I let her play with it and she had great fun as there is a little button on the top of it you can press that makes it detract. The next day I made up this activity( I think I originally saw it on Activity Mom) so she could see how to use the tape measure and also practice her numbers. She really enjoyed this and it was quite easy for her. How great to see her go from randomly playing with something to knowing it's purpose and using it appropriately!

Today L really helped out in the kitchen. This morning she helped daddy by whisking up her blueberry pancakes and at lunch time she whisked up her eggs.

She also grated her carrot for the first time. This took a LOT of restraint and trust on my part and my hands were hovering just out of view in case of need of quick assistance. She was a star though and also cut up her cucumber with a sharp knife.
Putting the bits in the compost. I realised today that L is much more co-operative and willing to help with everything if she is involved with making a meal from the very beginning. She never usually wants to set her table any more but at lunch she did all of it.


Nicole said...

Thanks for participating in Montessori Monday! I really like the idea of using actual objects to practice rhymes. I've noticed that our boys eat much better too if they are involved with the prep/cooking. Of course, that requires more patience on my part, which I don't always have! :)

Anonymous said...

That's just lovely! I have students who never eat their vegetables, and yet when they harvest lettuce and carrots and make a salad, they will DEVOUR two or more servings. Kids...

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