Wednesday, 23 February 2011

L's new environment Part 1

I'm so happy to finally have proper spaces for L's things.  Our house is mostly unpacked so I wanted to record how we have set up L's spaces to enable her to have as much independence as possible.

This is my favorite room for L other than her bedroom.  She has her own cupboard where she can set her own place, get her aprons for baking and cooking and also her cooking utensils.  There are cloths for clean up and for use at meals.
We also have a dishwasher(yoohoo!)which L puts her dirty dishes into after her meals and is able to unload her clean dishes into her cupboard (when she so feels that is!) She also loves to put in the washing powder and turn it on.

 Beside the table is her stool and her bucket with her mop, dustpan and broom and head for her long broom.  She is able to sweep up crumbs and mop up spills, like the drink she spilled all over the floor yesterday!
 The best bit is the water dispenser in the fridge door!  Liquid independence!
We also have a wonderful pantry which will eventually have a shelf for L's snacks as well as a fridge with low shelves to hold L's cold snacks.

 Hall Closet
L has her own hooks to hang her jackets on when she comes in and is able to put her shoes on the low rack.  There is a basket for her hats and mits.
 L's bedroom closet
This is one of the first spaces I organised when we moved in.  It's so important for L to have a place for all of her clothes so she can get dressed in the morning.  The blue hanging organiser has compartments for (starting at the bottom)tights and undershirts, underwear and socks, pj's, and bathing suits.
The low rack holds her tops and pants.  L is able to hang up her dresses and jackets on hangers now(thanks to school).
L is soooo proud to have her own laundry basket that she can carry to the laundry room.  She helped me do laundry the other day and put away all of her clean clothes.  Lets see how long that continues!
So that is the end of part one.  Part two will have L's spaces for activities in our house.


Lisa said...

Very nice! I like how pared down your cupboard for her is. My son's cupboards started out full and we've added more as time has passed. Makes it much harder to keep as neat as I'd like. On a related note, he loves to put the soap in the dishwasher, too!

Anne said...

This looks great! I love L's new space!

The girl who painted trees said...

It looks great. Since posting about Bear's closet, I've pared down the amount of clothes per shelf and put the rest of the mountain of hand-me-downs on the very top of the closet for me to pull down as the other shelves empty through the week. It looks much neater and it is easier for her to pull out the outfit she wants. I'll have to post a new picture. A mom at school gave me the idea by telling me she had 6 basket drawers in the closet with one outfit per day in them. (She doesn't have one for Sunday). I don't have basket drawers so I modifies it a bit. Okay, rambling on here. I'm so happy for you - it's a great feeling to be in one's own space and getting to organize it as you wish!

Natym said...

Lucky L! Her new environment is very nice with a lot of good ideas...

Mommy Moment said...

Oh, it looks wonderful!
Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with us...I love the closet. It looks big!

Can't wait to see part 2!


Leptir said...

I like it!

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