Sunday, 27 February 2011

L's new environment Part 2

Okay part two.  The first two pictures are of L's activity shelves in our spare bedroom.  I'll do a quick run down on what is on the shelves at this particular time.  Some activities are always there and some I constantly change up.

The top shelf holds a baskets of my crafting supplies.  The next shelf down is L's craft shelf which holds different kinds of paper and coloring books, crayons, markers, pencil crayons, stamps and ink, scissors, glue sticks and chalk.  She is also allowed access into my baskets if she needs something specific.
The next shelf is her language shelf which holds her handwriting binder, language activities, upper and lower case letters, chalk board and chalk and her eye spy bottle. This shelf gets changed up every week or so.
Second from the bottom is her games and puzzles shelf.  L loves puzzles so we have tons of them.  I have them all out because she uses all of them.
The bottom shelf holds her Lego, wooden blocks in the bag and her other puzzles. Her work mats are to the right of the shelves.
 The second set of shelves.  From the top are all of her board type games.  Next is her "science and geography shelf"  This shelf also changes but at the moment is has her bug viewer, animals and insects and also her Leap Frog globe.  We LOVE this.  I'm usually not a fan of these kind of things but I found it at a boot fair for $2 so I couldn't resist.  You place the pen on the picture and it tells you all about the animals and places on the globe. 
The bottom shelf holds her puppets and shadow puppet theatre.  This also changes depending on what we're working on.  Next to the shelves are my super messy activity drawers where I store all of our past activity materials.
 The living room is still a work in progress but at the moment we have L's table for crafts and activities, her easel(with just crayons and pencil crayons! I'm not going any further with that white carpet underneath!).  For the moment we also have her instrument basket here until we get the music room set up properly.  I'm also planning to put our new nature table in the bay window.

I'm setting up a special space for L in each of the rooms in the house.  In part three I will hopefully have L's snack space, the music room and L's new bedroom which we are painting next weekend.
I'm also almost finished our Australia continent box and will be posting about our activities some time this week.


Mommy Moment said...

It all looks wonderful! The bay window must be so nice with all teh natural light!


Lisa said...

I love that Fisher-Price alphabet desk. My son has it, too, and I was pleased as punch when I walked into the office the other day, and I saw him selecting the letters to spell 'DRAW', from left to right. Old Fisher-price stuff is the best.

aayladomontessori said...

It's looking great! We seem to be having parallel experiences with setting stuff up for a new environment. Can't wait to see L.'s room painted! BTW, what color did the negotiations end up with? <3

The Guilletots said...

What a beautiful place to learn and grow.. Very well organised... Maybe I should create a post on our setting too... Very inspiring About a Girl!

Anne said...

Everything looks so appealing! I love that little table with the red chair - CUTE!

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