Tuesday, 22 February 2011

We're In!

Phew!  We made it!  We've been in our new house for almost a week now and we're loving it!  We are on the top floor and have lots of windows and natural light as well as lots of space for L to run around and dance in.
I'm especially excited to be setting up our home to enable L to be as independent as possible and will have some pics and a post about it coming soon.
Most of our boxes are unpacked(as long as you don't count the garage!)and we just have to get some more book shelves here and there.  L is excited to paint her bedroom and we are still under negotiations for colors.

We've still been big into learning about Australia and when I get my act together I'll have some posts on our activities as well.
I've missed posting and reading all of your posts and am looking forward to getting back to the bloggy world!

Have to share a conversation between L and my sister the other day while she was visiting.
L had her "dancing dress" on and was flitting about.  My sister asked her " would you like to play hockey one day?" To which L replied as she was doing a twirl  " No.  Too sweaty!"

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Mommy Moment said...

So glad you are moved in and feeling somewhat settled!
PS. The boxes in the garage don't count!


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