Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The influence of Daddy and ......

As many of you know the Montessori Method is all about keeping children in reality.  I am kind of on the fence on this one I guess.  I really like a lot of the ideas in the Waldorf philosophy as well and the former blog Childhood Magic really helped me see the benefits of children having fantasy and imaginative play in their early lives.

So like I said I'm on the fence.  L doesn't watch TV or cartoons.  We do however have a few DVDs that she watches such as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and The March of the Penguins.  Some reality based and some not.  We also read her a variety of both kinds of books.  I think L has a pretty good understanding of real animals and pretend cartoon ones.  We also watch a lot of videos on Youtube.  I think this is a fantastic learning tool.  We've watched Kookaburras laughing, African dancing, children's songs and many other things.  I do however preview all of the videos before we watch them together and am very strict on what she can watch.

My husband on the other hand really doesn't understand why I don't want L watching TV and any video she wants.  After a long battle I think I've finally succeeded on the TV thing.  Youtube however is another story.  Somehow he thinks if it's on Youtube it's not the same as TV.  Hmmmm.

Anyhow the other day when we were leaving our music class about Australia and didgeridoos L said next week I'd like to do music from Antarctica.  I said well since nobody lives there there isn't really any music from Antarctica.  L replied "Yes there is Papa Pinguin!".

ARRRRGGGGG!!!  DADDY!   I admit it is a catchy song and we've danced to it before but I wouldn't show her the video.  I tried to explain that it was just "pretend" and that there is no real music from Antarctica and as we were driving away I heard her say "I'm sure I saw snow there."

Check out this great article by Pilar Bewley on Keeping it Real Montessori Style
What do you think?


Elle Belles Bows said...

Great post!

I am definitely with you on the TV. We limit E's exposure to it. She does watch Sesame Street now and then, but often gets bored of it and starts to play or do another activity. I am not "anti tv". I just feel that in the time that she was watching TV she could be using her mind in another creative direction. I like the idea in the article that you linked where they point out if a character is real or not.

We are following Montessori ideas in our home too. However, we also encourage creative play too. I think everyone needs to find the balance for their home.

Love your blog and all that you do. Also miss Childhood Magic.


Nicole said...

We limit TV here as well - but I have to say that Short Pants loves that Wild Kratts show on PBS! ;) We also blend Montessori with Waldorf. For us, Montessori is the perfect academic approach - but it's missing much of the magic that I want in my children's lives. Imaginative play is a HUGE component in my boys' everyday living, and I think the natural, open-ended Waldorf-style toys we've always purchased is part of that. I also love Waldorf's emphasis on nature and living in tune with the changing season.

Liga Krista said...

We do not have any TV, do watch very rarely some DVDs. Even though I am very persuaded Montessori parent, this topic is where I say - here I do not agree, I see very much use and sense in imagintion, fairy tales etc

aayladomontessori said...

Your post is causing some reflection and re-evaluation on my part! Our decision as parents to have absolutely NO TV has warped somewhat in the last year and I think we need to revisit it and decide on some rules in that respect. For us it's the "Influence of Grandparents." And some disney cartoons crept in there. (Something I said I'd never let her watch while young) I think a good dose of magic is wonderful so we'll be searching for our own family balance to create harmony. Thanks!

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