Thursday, 24 March 2011

Charlotte's Web and other chapter books

L and I have both been enjoying reading chapter books at bedtime together.  We started off with Heidi which L loved and have now moved on to Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.  I remember loving this book(and movie I think)when I was a girl and couldn't wait to start reading it with L.
 L and I are vegetarians and I've always said that once L really knows what meat is, where it comes from and how the animals are kept she can make her own decision.  I think this book is a good introduction to how animals are used for meat(although I admit a bit unfair to have them be cute little characters that talk!).

To go along with the book we made shadow puppets to use in the shadow puppet theatre we made for the Carnival of the Animals.  We have Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton and the goose who isn't shown in the pictures.

I'm over the moon that our new house is so bright that L can just use the natural light from our bay window for the shadows.

Here I think L is acting out the part where Templeton's rotten egg breaks and stinks out the whole barn!  It was hard to get a still shot as the characters were moving all around trying to run away from the stink!
Do you have any favorite chapter books you love to read to your children?


Michele said...

oh chapter books how do I love thee (love your shadow box too) can you post or give the link to where you talk about how to??

We have read James and the Giant Peach and the Enid Blyton Faraway Tree series. And Secret Garden. Started the Railway CHildren but it didnt quite grab her. Lots more that I would love to get to - Pippi Longstocking maybe next

Lisa said...

Beautiful new banner photo! I am always so impressed to read what you are able to do with your little girl. She is close in age to my son, but seems to have a much larger attention span! Amazing that you can be doing chapter books with her already. You go, mama.

Learning in the Box said...

Love the puppet box, we are currently reading Charlotte's Web and my daughter loved your idea when she saw it. I am now following you too :)

Stephanie said...

Little House on the Prairie!!!! We read a chapter every night and my girls LOVE it! We have finished over half of the Little House series. I also read alot of the American Girl books to Bunny when she was 4! I am always amazed at how much they love to hear stories!

The Guilletots said...

I love the idea of the box.. My daughter is currently reading Charlotte's web and she loves it. So It would be a great activity to tie the whole theme in ... and it would be a special time between her and I.. Thanks.

The girl who painted trees said...

We did Charlotte's Web and all the Little House Books. We tried Winnie the Pooh (as an audio book) and Bear didn't care for it, perhaps because of the narrator. I am going to try it again with me reading it to her. Right now we are reading the Rose books (similar to Little House, but about Laura's daughter as a nine year old.) I will have to try Heidi and the Secret Garden. And we've read the Kirsten series of American girls. There really should be a series about Canadian girls:-P

Real Life Montessori said...

I think it's so fantastic that you are starting L as a vegetarian and then letting her make the choice to remain a veggie when she understands where meat comes from! So many people, vegetarians included, feel like the process should always go the other way and I've never understood it. I intended to approach vegetarianism the same way with my daughter although her dad had other plans and she has eaten meat in his care, she still identifies as vegetarian (in her 3 y/o understanding of it).

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