Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Peg Doll Exchange with thoughts of Japan

First off I would like to say that we are just sick watching all the devastation and horror that has happened in Japan.  Our hearts and prayers are with all of the people who have experienced such tragedy.
Please check out Jo Joebi's Japan Quake Appeal Auction if you would like to get involved over the Internet or of course there are many other ways to donate as well.
Lets pray that the country's situation can stabilise so the recovery and healing may begin.

On a lighter note I have been participating in the Wee Peg Person Exchange over at We Bloom Here.  Weeks ago I decided to paint these little Japanese girls.  Turned out to be very timely.  I had a cute little story to go along with them but in the present circumstances I decided to just give them names.

 From left to right we have Maki whose name means "true hope", Shinobu "endurance", Yasuko "child of peace" and Saki "blossom of hope"
I also ran out of large doll so made these two cheeky little brothers from China, Gang "strenght" and Guang "light".
I hope they all find happiness in their new homes!


Nicole said...

Love those! You did a great job.

Olives and Pickles said...

These look so cute!

The Guilletots said...

OMG! These are beautiful... They would be a great additions to any continent box ... I have to make my own. I wonder would I find some wooden people pegs like these here in Ireland? Nice Job Jennifer!

Steph at ModernParentsMessyKids.com said...

Those are lovely!

For more ways to contribute to the cause - today I posted on a plethora of lovely Etsy items for which the proceeds benefit Japan disaster relief. See them here:


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