Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dental Health

Dental health and teeth have been the hot topic around here this past week.  I've been wanting to introduce L to different science experiments and have her start a science journal.  Although I'm really not a big fan of TV for children I'd heard a lot of good things about the show Sid the Science Kid.  I recorded a couple of episodes and watched them.  In my opinion they are a great way to introduce the ideas of exploring, experimenting and recording observations.
So L and I watched the "Teeth" episode where Sid asks why he always has to brush his teeth.  The teacher explains how cavities are formed and about how teeth work.

Talk about the power of suggestion!!(this is why L doesn't watch TV normally).  L is totally obsessed now with brushing her teeth and cavities!  Thank goodness this is a positive thing! 

Here are some of the activities we did.
L explored inside her mouth and all of her different teeth.  We also talked about what they were called.

 We tried different types of food and L noted which teeth she used for each food.

Her favorite part was recording her findings in her new science journal!  Here she has drawn pictures of her different teeth and asked me to label them as she sounded the words out.  We did have a debate over if teeth was spelled with an "f" or "th" at the end.  The "f" won out much to my chagrin.
On the next page she drew the different foods she tried and I helped to write which teeth she used to eat them.
I have several shows recorded and we are going to watch them together and then do the experiments.  Once she has the idea down we will move on to trying our own experiments as well.


Stephanie said...

We love Sid the Science kid! The show is a really good way for kids to get thinking about things! We watched the episode on measuring, and Bunny was measuring things all over the house afterward! I love your guys drawing of teeth! Happy Schooling!

The girl who painted trees said...

The same thing happened to Bear after she watched that episode! She brushed her teeth so diligently and frequently.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Wanted to pop by and say hi! Nice post about dental health, BTW. My boys love the dentist! Know that you popped by and had some questions...hope that this new post that is shorter will help. Hope that you will want to enter the Montessori giveaway on my Sunrise Learning Lab blog. And hope you will want to join in on the Twitter party too. Will still be glad to help you with Twitter if you have questions. You just sign up for an account with your name and come up with your own password. @F5th Follow hashtag #montecamp http://bit.ly/junwPM
Happy Spring! Colleen:)

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