Friday, 27 May 2011

L learning to needle felt

I usually do all of my needle felting at night when L is in bed but I finished up the gnome home for the giveaway in the afternoon.  L saw me needle felting and of course wanted to try.  I was really reluctant at first and explained to her that the needle is super sharp but she still wanted to try.

I set her up with my foam on her knees.  She chose a cookie cutter and then filled it with some of my wool scraps.  I told her to keep her other hand on the couch or holding on to the foam.  She forgot early on, held on to the cookie cutter and poked her finger.  There were a few tears but it didn't deter her and she carried on.  I'm really glad it happened so she is aware now of how sharp the needle really is and is more careful.

 First she did this butterfly and felted on the string to fly it around.  It kind of blends into the flowers here but I love the colors and how it turned out.
 She was so excited about her creation that she wanted to make another one.  She chose this bunny cookie cutter.  I helped her to start with joining on the tail and the eye because you have to hold the wool while you poke but she did 99% of it herself.
I LOVE how these turned out and the fact that L made them by herself (under constant supervision). They now have pride of place on our nature table.  L is going to make some more to give to her teachers for a thank you at the end of the year.
If you like what you see don't forget to enter the giveaway for the gnome home!


Amanda Pedro said...

that's great that she could do it. Check the thickness of the foam though. I know that I have poked myself with the needle through the foam while sitting on the couch. i usually put a book or something under in case it goes all the way through.
I scored at a thrift store and ought a bag of cookie cutters for all seasons. Now they pull them out and felt away.
I was going to comment on your gnome home post, then realized that it was a part of the same swap i was in. I'm so excited to get my package!

The girl who painted trees said...

I let Bear do a heart at Valentine's Day, but I never thought of using a cookie cutter. Thanks for that idea. I'm having a hard time finding the felting foam here. Is it special foam, or just foam like to put in a seat cushion? I love L's rabbit.

Once a small seed said...

Great idea! My daughter has wanted to help me felt and this is a great way for to do her own.

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