Monday, 9 May 2011

Games and Activities

 Since L is now at Montessori school and I am working part time we don't do many specific Montessori activities at home any more.
We do however play lots and lots of games.  Some L does on her own and others we do together.

Mighty Minds.  L has been doing these since she was very young and has progressed to the hardest cards in the set now.  The beginning cards show you what pieces are needed while the harder ones leave it up to the child to decide.
 Sight word memory game.  I write the sight words we are working on at the time on card stock and we play memory together.
 L has never really been a big fan of creating on her own with blocks.  Instead we play a game where we each take turns building a simple tower and then the other person has to try an copy it.  She LOVES this game and it usually leads to "free building" after a few turns.
We've also been talking a lot about odd and even and greater than and less than.  I put different items on a tray for her and let her decide which were more.  She then decided if the amount was odd or even.
 We've followed up this concept with a cute little penguin card game where who ever has the greater amount of penguins on their card gets to keep both cards. 
This is our newest game which is so cool.  It comes with tons of little wooden circles and this balancing tree frame.  Each person rolls the die and then places that color on one of the platforms.  It gets trickier and trickier the longer we play.
For those of you who asked about the game I'm afraid I got it at a local market.  Not sure if they are for sale anywhere else.
What are your child's favourite games?


Ewa said...

A great collection of games ;-)
Looks like you spend wonderful quality time together.

Olives and Pickles said...

So fun!!I like all of them..Can you please tell me where did you buy the last game "three tree one" I just love it..I need one too : )

The Guilletots said...

Great moments playing together... I wish I had more time to do so much with my own 4. .. Great little games. Where did you get the "three tree one" game? Brilliant game.

The girl who painted trees said...

We like No Stress Chess and we used to play a lot of sight word memory. Bear has memorized all of them thanks to that!

Anonymous said...

Oh some great ideas there. We do the sight word memory game too! Am going to try the block copy game this week.Thanks. xx

Jess - sunbeams and sanity.

Olives and Pickles said...

Thanks for the update..I love the tree game..looks fun!
We like to play memory game,building with blocks,jenga,tea party,hide and seek(favorite).
I can't think anything else for now..

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