Sunday, 11 December 2011

First week of advent activities 2011

This year since I don't have as much free time our advent activities have been a combination of little gifts, crafts, and Christmas activities.

Day 1
"Look on your chair"
L started off her advent calendar by finding a pair of Christmas socks with snowmen on them.  I'm having a hard time peeling them off her feet long enough to wash them!

Day 2
"Find all of our Christmas books"
I was amazed at how many Christmas books we've acquired over the years.  Some old favourites like The Night Before Christmas as well as a new collection of wonderful Christmas stories.
Day 3
"Make Christmas cards."
We took on the ambitious project of making cards for all 22 children in her class.  We have been trying different styles of cards on different days and are about half done.

Day 4
"Look by the fish bowl"
L found this cute little snowmen pencil crayon.

Day 5
"Make candy cane ornaments"
Simple yet effective!

 Day 6
"Make snowflake decorations"
We were making some modest snowflakes until Daddy got involved and took the snowflakes to a whole other level!  This was really a fun family activity.

Day 7
"Look by the fireplace"
L loves The Nutcracker ballet and reading her Nutcracker storybook.  For day six she found a little wooden nutcracker ornament that she could paint herself.  She was absolutely thrilled to have a Nutcracker like Clara and carried it around all day before painting it.

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Pip said...

what a wonderful collection of fun activities and treats!!!

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