Monday, 19 December 2011

Advent Activities 2011 Week 2

 Day 8
"Make candle holders for your teachers"
I had great plan on making cute little candle holders out of air hardening clay for L's teachers but when we opened the package I realised it was actually paper mache! I had to do some quick thinking and we ended up making bowls for them instead.
L had a great time mixing up the goo.

 L and Granny had collected little rocks and shells from the beach the day before.
 Good thing we started this project early as they took two days to dry by the fire.  Here is the finished product.  Not sure what they're going to do with them but it's the thought that counts right?
Day 9
" Look by the fire place"
I found this cute little 3D puzzle at the dollar store.
 Day 10
"make snowman hand print ornaments"
These have been all over the blogsphere this year and last and I really wanted to do them with L.  She did the hand print and I painted on the snowmen.  She also helped push the shiny garland into them.
 Day 11
"bake gingerbread cookies"
L made these Christmas gingerbread cookies to take to her sing along at school.
 Day 12
"Look under the tree"
This was before we had any presents under the tree.  L found a little kit to make this Rudolph ornament.
 Day 13
"Look on the table"
I found this foam gingerbread house kit on sale at our local craft store.  We'd never done one before and it was tons of fun.  I love how it turned out.


Kylie said...

YOu have some gorgeous little craft kits there :-)

Discovering Montessori said...

Wonderful Advent activities! I really liked how her paper mache turned out. Thank you for sharing.

Leptir (Nataša) said...

Hi! I have a little blog award for you :) Check it out:

Happy holidays :)

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