Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Voice of an Angel

It's amazing how time passes.  I realise I haven't been doing much blogging lately and I think it's because now I'm working part time my creative mom-jo is worn out!   I did however want to write a post about a couple of L's birthday presents.
We wanted to get L her own CD player for her birthday but after looking around quickly realised they are pretty much becoming obsolete!  We weren't quite ready to get her an Ipod but eventually found something much much better.
A karaoke machine!! It was the perfect gift for our little performer and L LOVES it.  It even has disco lights!  L uses her own CDs in it and either sings along with the microphone or dances to them.  She can spend hours this way.  The other night she preformed the whole Nutcracker Ballet with her assortment of dolls.
We also gave her a case for her CDs so she can be completely independent with the whole thing.

L's second favourite gift was a CD from her absolute favourite singer Jackie Evancho.  After showing her this Youtube video last year, L has been Jackie's number one fan.  We also recorded a whole Jackie Evancho concert from PBS and L loves to watch it and attempt to sing along.
If you haven't had a chance to listen to this girl I would highly recommend checking her out.  She seriously has the voice of an angel.
L puts on her flower girl dress (or as she calls it her "Jackie Evancho" dress)daily to perform along with her CD.  She even told me the other day the she is going to be Jackie for Halloween next year!
It's all good for me. I don't mind her having a singing angel for an idol at all!!

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