Thursday, 9 September 2010

Carnival of the Animals part two

We 've been working on our second Carnival of the Animals project for the past week.  What we were working on was a shadow puppet theatre and show!
I started off by finding coloring pages of the different animals and copying them into a word document where I could get all of their sizes to the same scale. I then printed them off and let L color and help to cut them out.

I pasted them onto a cardboard cereal box and cut them out again.  L then painted both sides black.  Once they were dry I taped pieces of wooden skewers to the back of some and for others taped a piece of thread to the back and tied a piece of skewer to the top for L to hold.
We took inspiration for our theatre from Childhood Magic, using a cardboard box, gluing tissue paper to it and taping a piece of white paper to the front.
L has been putting on the show for all of our neighbors and has been taking it SOOO seriously.  The best is her running commentary that goes along with each piece.
Here are a few shots of one of her shows.

This is a view from the back.  I cut a slit in the top so she could hang different puppets down to make them dance and jump.
I also cut out some tree silhouettes and some seaweed for the aquarium and taped them to the front paper.

Here are some of the other puppets.  She put the lion on our set of coasters for his rock and also used it for the cuckoo.
We had an absolute blast creating this whole production and L has preformed it for quite a few of my mom's friends getting better each time.  She now sings along with the pieces and says all of the animals sounds with the instruments.  Our friend made a video of the show and put it on a DVD which we will cherish forever.

We look forward to making up some more shows in our new little shadow theatre!
If you have any  questions about how we did any of the above just leave them in the comments section.


The girl who painted trees said...

That's such a great idea. What a cute theatre. I'll have to show this to Bear when she wakes up!

Sunbeams and Sanity said...

Your amazing! Your inspiring! Thank you! Will have to do day!

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