Monday, 16 January 2012

Advent Activities 2011 Week 3

Okay I know it's waaay past Christmas and I've been seriously neglecting this blog but I did want to record our advent activities this year before I forgot.  So here goes...

Day 14
"make Nutcracker puppets"

L was seriously into the Nutcracker ballet this year so she really took care with making these puppets.  You can download them here.

Day 15
"Ice and decorate the Christmas cake"
This is an age old tradition in our family that goes back to when my sister and I were little girls.  We've had these decorations for ages.  The best part is putting the cheeky brown sprinkles behind the reindeer's!
 Day 16
"make picture frames"
I saw these over at The Magic Onions and fell in love with them.  I was amazed how beautifully they turned out and wish I'd bought more frames.  We'll be doing these again in the future for sure.

Day 17
"make ice ornaments"
These are just so beautiful and easy to make.  L and my mom collected different bits of nature, then popped them into her bunt pan and filled it with water.  It wasn't cold enough to leave it outside so they put it in the deep freeze until we used it.

Day 18
"look by the fireplace"
I got L one of those colouring pages that has black felt or something like it and you colour around it with markers.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture but she really enjoyed this activity.

Day 19
"Go to M Garden's "
This is quickly becoming a Christmas tradition with our family.  A local heritage house in our area puts on an absolutely phenomenal display of lights on their huge estate.  For the past two years now we've invited over our friends for dinner and then all gone to look at the magical lights together.  It's a highlight of the season.

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