Monday, 26 April 2010

A bit of our week

I've decided to cop out on the whole "reading" the Montessori way (ie. learning to write first) and am just following L's lead. I'm taking the easy way out and hoping she'll get the right schooling when she goes to school in September. For now we're just doing fun sounding out games like this fishing for words game and lots of the eye spy game.

L catches a word and then matches it with one of the figures.

We've also been learning about living and non-living. This has lead to several funny conversations. Like when Daddy got home and I asked her if he was living or non-living and she said "Daddy's a carnivore!" hehe. She also woke me up the other morning by saying "Mommy an elephant eats food, drinks and has babies so it's living" Good morning to you too!

We then moved on to plants and animals. She totally gets the animal bit but had a harder time getting her head around the fact that plants can't move(on their own) after some good discussion and looking out in the back garden I'm pretty sure she's got it now. Too funny the things that come up when talking to a two and a half year old!

We've also been doing some more work with the blindfold and she's much more comfortable wearing it. Today we did some blind tasting and guessing what the food was. This was easy for her but when it came to my turn she always told me what she was going to put in my mouth. I still tried to act surprised. One day she's going to learn how to play a joke and tell me one thing but give me another!


Mari-Ann said...

I'm just amazed at how smart L is at 2.5!! Wow, reading those words, learning about living/nonliving. So cute that her "good morning" to you was a little fun fact about elephants. What a cutie!

I too am having a hard time with reading the Montessori way. I think following their lead is the next best Montessori thing we can do! :)


Brilliant girl! everything is spectacular, as usual!

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

this is such a cute post! You guys are doing such great things!!!

Loved reading this - big smile on my face! Go little L!!!!

Karen said...

Wow!!! L it's Amazin!!! She's so smart!! She's doing amazin things@!!! Congrat Jann, you're doing a Beautiful Job with L!!! She's so Bless!!

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

What great things she's doing! Kudos to you for not stressing about the writing at 2.5... Right now the crucial aspects that will set her up for success are independence and enjoyment of learning, both of which she seems to have plenty of!

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