Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The last time I did a sweeping activity with L was about 10 months ago. She was interested but didn't quite grasp the concept. Since then the dustpan and broom have been readily available to her but she hasn't shown much interest.
Last week when we came inside there were smile piles of dried mud on the floor from her boots. L decided to get her dustpan and broom and to my amazement swept up all the piles perfectly and deposited them into the bin. Of course the next day I got out some colored rice and set up a sweeping activity for her.
This really got me thinking though. How did she just all of a sudden know how to sweep? I find it absolutely amazing how children develop all on their own. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much I show her she will not get something and then all of a sudden one day she will get something with no prior knowledge or practice.
What an amazing journey to watch and it's incidences like these that remind me to trust in my child and her development.


erin said...

How impressive! It is truly fun watching your child grow and develop.

Joyful Learner said...


Mari-Ann said...

Well said! I've witnessed this amazing change in James too - it's awesome, isn't it?!

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