Friday, 16 April 2010

A few of my favorite things

Here are our nature pictures for the last week. Karen from Mi Escuelita Montessori also tagged me to name five things that I love. Luckily they go hand in hand.

L riding her strider bike. She just learned how to take both feet off here and glide for the first time.
I love seeing my girl learn new things on her own!
Collecting leaves in the forest to use for leaf rubbing.
I LOVE being in nature.
L and her granny filling pots with soil to plant some seeds.
I love that L gets to spend so much time learning new things from her granny.

Frolicking at the lake. This was such a beautiful sunny day.
I love how little girls put their arms behind them and run with such joy and abandon!

A playdate at the beach. This was so much fun with about 10 other moms and kids. They all started off dry but soon the sock and boots were off and they were paddling in the ocean and making sand castles. What a wonderful wet, sandy mess!
I love living so close to the beach and can't wait until the summer when we can go swimming!



What a beautiful and fun filled week! Living the good life!

Karen said...

Something for each day!! lovely!! I love all the pictures...L it's growing so fast!! there's like an enchanted place!!! Lovely!!

Big hugs,

Lisa said...

I am almost keeping up with the outside every day thing, but am way behind on that photographic proof. Love your pictures, though. The one of your daughter in the woods is my fave.

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