Saturday, 10 April 2010

Children in Nature Awareness Challenge in Action

Feeding the birds. We have floor to ceiling windows in our kitchen and living room which look into the garden. We can watch the birds eat and take a bath while having lunch and snacks. We are also looking the ones we spot up in our bird book.
Pouring rain all day so we decided to search for worms. This one was swimming! L asked if worms have eyes so we looked up the answer once we were inside.
Finally sunshine and time spent beachcombing.

Not sure L is in this picture as she was just a running blur most of the time at this wonderful LEED park(more about this park in another post!)

Okay today the weather has been amazing so we've spent almost all day outside doing things. Couldn't resist putting this picture of these two amazing eagles up in their tree on. L was standing right beside me looking up into the beautiful sun!

So far this challenge has been wonderful and has made me totally aware of spending time outside no matter how bad the weather. We do spend a lot of time outside anyway because of the amazing place we live in but this has made me even more aware of it. Looking forward to the weeks to come. As you can imagine L is absolutely loving it!

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Lisa said...

Love your week-in-review style post. Looking forward to reading more about the park.

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