Thursday, 9 September 2010


Nature and Mother Earth are very important to us and we try to do our bit and tread softly.
Recycling is part of our daily routine.
Since we've been living in Canada L has been able to help with the daily recycling. 
When we were camping a few weeks ago when L finished her apple she asked where the compost was so she could put her core into it.

I decided it might be fun to make up an activity based on where we put certain things when we are finished with them.
I made up a container for compost, recycling and garbage and then drew some pictures of things that would go into each.
L had to decide which was the appropriate container for each item.

We then moved inside and she placed all of the items under their correct container.  This was a great talking point as she is also really interested in what things are made of at the moment.  She is constantly saying "is this made of glass? wood? metal? etc."
We also save all of our bottles and juice containers and once our box is full we take it to the bottle depot.  L helps with this and gets the money to put in her bank account to use for classes such as swimming or dance.

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