Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rainbow Eating Adventure

We are participating in Sunbeams and Sanity's(formerly Making of a Montessori Mum) Rainbow Eating Adventure.
Basically each week you eat one meal of each color of the rainbow, take a pics and put them around your rainbow.

This week we're starting off with red. 
After coloring in her rainbow L and I thought up all different kinds of foods that are red and I wrote them down.  Then we went shopping.
I decided to make quesadilla's with a filling of dark red kidney beans, red onion and red pepper.  We used red tomato tortillas.
L made us some red strawberry smoothies with almond milk.
Here is our main course along with tomato and wild rice soup.  We set the table with a red table cloth and candles.  The only red napkins we could find were the Christmas ones!lol  We even put on red tops for the occasion.
For dessert we had watermelon which is one of our favorites.

Our first color has been a blast and both L and I got totally into it.  L ate so much of everything and kept saying thank you for making the quesadillas mommy and this is such a great meal!  Who can argue with that.
We can't wait for next week and are already planning what we are going to have.
This meal didn't challenge us too much as we already both eat all of the foods we used but in the coming weeks we're hoping to try out some new things.

If you'd like to participate in this magical rainbow eating adventure just hop on over to Sunbeams and Sanity  link your post with the rest and we'll all form a bloggy rainbow food connection! : )

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