Monday, 27 September 2010

Singing the blues for blue week

I think L summed up our blue meal perfectly when I asked her how she liked it this is what she said
"Well, I had fun....but I didn't really have fun."
L got a raging cold half way through last week and then gave it to me.  We still went ahead with blue week even though we weren't feeling that great.
So has anyone else ever considered how many naturally blue foods there out there(keep in mind we still have indigo and violet still to go)?  There are seriously hardly any!!
I though I came up with a brilliant plan by finding a recipe for natural blue food dye!! I added it to some leek and potato soup and viola mildly blue soup.

Yup that's all we had.   L declared she didn't like it and just ate the pita bread.  In the end because she was sick we cut up an assortment of veggies for her which she enjoyed a lot more.
For dessert we had blueberry muffins which we'd made earlier.  After the meal I felt sick and had to lie down. 
All in all I'd say blue meal =FAIL
Hopefully next week will be more successful.  I have a few ideas in mind.
To end on a brighter note.  Here is a picture of the fruit bouquet we made for the family potluck at L's school.
It went down a treat!


Sunbeams and Sanity said...

Oh you poor things! Good on you for still giving it a go.I love L's comments. She says the most amazing gorgeous things all the time. How did you do the blue colouring (or did you write it and I am just so sleep deprived I didnt see it???!!). Big kisses and I hope you both feel better soon. My 2 have colds at the moment too. xxx

will respond to your email asap!xx

Mommy Moment said...

I made a fruit bouquet for my husbands work last year - Everyone loved it!
Yours looks so wonderful too :)


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